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Windows95man uzstāšanās Eirovīzijā atgādināja Bila Geitsa "uzmundrinošo" deju pirms 30 gadiem (video)

Windows95man uzstāšanās Eirovīzijā atgādināja Bila Geitsa "uzmundrinošo" deju pirms 30 gadiem (video)
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Finland's controversial performance at Eurovision-2024 was memorable not only for the bright costumes of the participants (one of them had almost none), but also for the fiery movements that somewhat reminded us of the dances of Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates during the actual launch of Windows 95.

Windows95man is a character created by Finnish artist and DJ Teemu Keisteri. The character wears a Windows95 t-shirt (although the logo was blurred in the final performance) and very short denim shorts with cutouts (which, based on the performance, are not always there). Normally Keisteri performs in a duo with Clippy - the famous assistant paperclip from the Windows OS. However, this time the artist chose a giant egg replica and sparks flying out of his shorts for the show.

Windows95man's performance at the grand final of "Eurovision"

And here's how excited Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates were about the launch of Windows 95 30 years ago — perhaps the movements are not as fiery as those of the Finns, but just look at how Gates is trying:

Finland made it to the final with the song "No Rules", but based on the votes of the audience and the jury, it only took 19th place. Ukraine this year entered the top three leaders of the main European song contest - the performance of the duo Alyona Alyona and Jerry Heil with the song Teresa & Maria was rated at 453 points. The first and second places go to Switzerland and Croatia respectively.

Paldies, tavs viedoklis pieņemts.

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